Acquittal in the hysteric world.

Back in September 2nd news came to me regarding a Japanese producer from the company named TBS (The Japanese one, not the Western one) was arrested for “kidnapping” a teenage girl he was found with boarding a train.

His actual crime? Being stupid. In September 22 he was cleared of all charges after a “settlement” with the girl’s parents.

The thing is, while it won’t be easy to reach a proper assumption of what truly happened without prying into the privacy of all the involved parties, it is evident the girl was unharmed.

The teenager in question apparently ran away and in a reflex of stupidity the meek 30 year old producer decided to help her in her dumb-ass escape.

There are two lessons to learn. First. Older men are not as much of a threat as society is, since the girl probably had a reason, no matter how sordid it was, to run away from home. And second. Don’t be a hero. Don’t help women in need. Even if the woman in question won’t object, there will be some fucked up white or blue knight who will show up and fuck you for helping them.

Until feminism is over, the actual way to help women is not helping them or actually braving break the law and do anything in  your power to eliminate obstacles to your own interests pertaining her safety.

This society discourages heroics.

2 thoughts on “Acquittal in the hysteric world.

  1. Robert A. Lindsay says:

    Hi fellow Male Sexualist. My blog was just shut down by WordPress, possibly for Male Sexualist content. Can you show me a site that has no freedom of speech or could you possibly blog about my case? Thank you!

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