Clubbing is not worth it.

I went to a nightclub once. I left few minutes after entering the club and went to my restaurant of preference.

Clubbing is one of the most vacuous activities of this century, especially when it comes to seeking love interests. Going to a place with bad, and overpriced food and drink, full of people with nothing better to do than letting their income go down the drain, and drunken femoids with no intellect.

It is just neither healthy nor worthy of our time. It is almost 100% guaranteed that any individual who willingly enters a night club is either holding ulterior motives or simply stupid.

And it is worse for men. Any woman you meet at a night club is more likely to accuse you of rape, especially after engaging in drunken sex, than a woman you meet around your neighborhood or job. Especially since normally drunk women are trashier than sober ones.

Nowadays people are encouraged to go clubbing and try to seek a random hookup in the trash can, but both night clubs and hookup culture are harmful to healthy families, and harmful to a proper society. They lower the sex market value of both men and women, and are the antithesis to what society should go for.

Consider the following. It is more likely to end up as a cuckold (Or cuckqueen) if you form a relationship with someone who wanted just a quick hookup at some seedy nightclub.

Hookup culture and clubbing are bad for both men and women. And that explains why feminist controlled media supports both so strongly. Relationships that last one night, places where nothing of purpose blooms. The nest of the id.

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