Parenting advice: Never lie to your children.

This should be a logical statement, and in fact considered obvious parenting advice. Yet still I consider it necessary to write this small piece.

Over the years I noticed children are lied to more often than necessary for different reasons.

About a year ago I remember I was told a 13 year old guy I met still believed Santa Claus was real. The guy has asperger’s, but from where I stand that is no excuse for him believing such ridiculous and absurd thing.

From there on I understood one of the core issues with helicopter parenting. Discussing it with my relatives I found out many of them heard the “stork” myth or the “cabbage patch” one for a long time before realizing humans, like any other mammal, were born as a result of pregnancy.

The fact that people way past their first decade hear, believe, or repeat unscientific claims and blatant lies is part of our current social problems.

To begin with, children are extremely curious, a human trait that lasts for at least the first two decades of one’s life, and sometimes even until our sixth decade, when our bodies are rather worn out and can no longer sustain the same vigor. Therefore they will seek answers to many questions, and will go to their parents, who they rely on, for answers.

They will notice when someone lies, and when they don’t notice the blatant lie, the moment truth is revealed they will start weighing on how trustworthy their relatives are.

In both cases, a child who has been lied to will find it easier to lie as an adult, and the first ones to become a target to lies will be those the child interacted the most with. That is, if you lie to your 5 year old son, don’t be surprised when he lies to you at age 16 after a drinking binge.

The second reason to avoid lies is because they both undermine the credibility of one, and reinforce the lies of others. Anyone who is lied to in adulthood will cease to trust those who are closer and instead will seek truth through “reputable sources” which are known to lie.

Adding to this, whether they believe in lies or not, they will always remain complacent and seek only a surface “truth” which won’t conflict with the world view they are used to. Most bluepill individuals are both used to lie and to be lied to. So, in order to guide people to seek facts and truth as they are, one must start by never telling lies to those close to one.

In case you, as a parent, consider your child is not fit to learn a piece of information at that particular moment, it is better to tell them to ask when they are older, and avoid delaying the answer for too long, tan to make up a retarded lie such as the “stork” thing.

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