The concept of “child grooming” is useless.

Back when I was researching on age of consent laws to expand my legal knowledge, I found a lengthy explanation on “child grooming” that is using planned means to acquire consent from someone.

The whole concept feels idiotic and wrong to me. Generally speaking this concept applies only to those under the age of consent, which varies from country to country. But due to the recent false assumption that the age of consent is 18 worldwide, many apply it also to people who are already legally capable of consent.

The reason the concept is redundant is because, if they are under the age of consent (Which needs to be discussed further), the there is already a crime, no need to add another crime to the list. And if they are not under the age of consent, then there should be no crime.

With this in mind it is also worth noting that grooming is often literally just courting from an older suitor. Sex is often a result of a general attempt at seeking a love relationship with someone. Therefore courting and grooming are no different with the exception of the ends. The means are the same.

With this in mind, “grooming” makes little sense because it is criminalized on people under the age of 18, but seen as the norm on the rest in the form of “hookup”.

Isn’t the typical hookup not just mere grooming between two persons older than 17? Lies, deception, convincing arguments, false promises. All the things that count as “child grooming” are actually legal if they take place at a nightclub and between people close in age.

As such all we can see is the double standard of hookup culture. Maybe we should return to courting and do away with both hookup idiocy and “grooming” laws altogether.

After all, if she is 15 and persuaded by a 30 year old man to marry her, leading to a healthy marriage and a functional family, could it be called grooming?

As usual with puritanical laws based on feminist views, grooming is nothing but an intentional hindrance to normal male sexuality which actually encourages the same act but perpetrated by both men and women who are older than 18, shamefully renamed “hooking up” to cover the fact that it is not the age of the participants but the intent that should concern us.

I am more worried about a 15 year old man leaving a bunch of single mothers ages 14-16 or a 20 year old man producing single mothers ages 18 and up than about a 26 year old man asking for the hand of an 11 year old girl in marriage offering her a stable household and a future family.

Where most see two normal men and a pedophile I see two failed adults and a man who seeks a wife.

8 thoughts on “The concept of “child grooming” is useless.

  1. galileo1439 says:

    Child grooming is a concept but let’s put a positive spin on it, meaning call it a good thing to get her attention and develop attrction and comfort between us that develops into sex.

    • In terms of semantics there is a coined word for that. Courting. The actual difference between “courting” and “grooming” is the intent assumed by outsiders.
      Let’s say I am, during the course of a year, being affectionate to a female for the purpose of eventually initiating a love relationship.
      My friends and relatives see it as courting, they hear of how much I love her, of how much I care about her, and see me acting like a fool because of her.
      From the perspective of her suitors and anyone who doesn’t like me, I am grooming her, and her behavior and smiles are the result of brainwashing.
      Most accusations of “grooming” come from third parties.

  2. Robert A. Lindsay says:

    In most cases with teenage girls, there is no such thing as grooming. It’s simply seduction. And in California, you don’t even have to have sex with her. All you have to do is talk in a seductive way towards her, whatever the Hell that means!

    There is actually a law called “annoying a child” and it applies to all females under 18 and all males over 18. No one knows what annoying a child even is as it’s vague and there’s no way to figure out if you are breaking the law or not.

    And now feminists are talking all the time about adult men “grooming” adult women! What! This shit is getting so fucked up.

  3. Andrew says:

    Children are those who do not reach puberty, in general, those under 9 years of age.
    Puritanism has trivialized the term “child” to criminalize normal, healthy men.

  4. species1843 says:

    For an adult guy to date with 17-year-old girls isn’t just statutory rape, it’s directly pedophilia.

    Let’s see… Where do I start? In my town, going out with an girl 7/10 younger than you is “cradle robber”. But well, you know… If it weighs more than a chicken,… I fuck her! But if we put 20/25 years of difference to the invention, that’s called “corruption of minors” or in legal terminology: Statutory rape.

    The justification of the people of this blog is delirious: the natural and the healthy male sexuality is a old ass to bang a minor. Far from the more than logical and vehement moral criticism, there is a maxim called common sense: not only is it ridiculous and pathetic to bang a minor, but it also represents a severe mental suicide. Going through the same goofy sillies of these just more grow children called “teens” is not worth a miserable bang and much less read a blog with similar justifications.

    One thing is that the girl is 35/37 years old and the “old ass” is 50 years old, and another thing is that pedophilia is very different. For love there is no age, but for sex there is, and it is typified as crime.

    If you want your underage daughters to study the bachelor’s degree of “being a sexual victim” or if you want your sons to receive the message that when you reach forty the best thing is to climb into an amusement park with girls who could be your daughters, no doubt, this is your blog.

    • Your argument is simply retarded and an intentional misconstruction of facts and my statements. First of all I have, over the course of the year, made clear the ideal age gap is no less than 5 years of difference and no more than 30, since there is a 20 year age gap of fertility between men and women.
      I have constantly stated infertile people of both sexes should be out of the sex market. If you can’t get a spouse while fertile, just give up.
      I have also stated, and presented evidence of, the fact that “teenagers” and the “teenage brain” are made up concepts product of the infantilization of young adults by media and governments.
      The whole argument of “common sense” is actually absurd. Common sense is that if the “minor” looks like an adult woman, then feeling attraction to her is not wrong or faulty. No one goes out asking people their age before interacting with them.
      You can not differ between a woman in her teens and a woman in her 20s without asking. And that is as impractical and absurd as the newest feminist consent laws of “informed consent” and literal consent forms.
      Finally it is NOT pedophilia if the individual is not prepubescent. Which means it is only pedophilia if one has sex with prepubescent people, something I have made clear I consider safe to avoid for several reasons beyond morality or laws. Avoiding sex with prepubescents is a reasonable safety measure.
      And finally, if there is no age for love, then you could not complain if a 25 year old man began dating a 10 year old in a non sexual manner and eventually married her when she turned 20 and had sex with his wife in a lawful manner.
      I do not oppose such relationship. In fact I encourage it. If you dump your spouse after she ages a bit, you are no better than any feminist out there.
      Now, responding the question of what I want my children to do I don’t want my underage daughter to study any bachelor’s degree at all. I want her to pursue her own talents and become outstanding at them. And as long as her spouse is a decent man, I don’t care about his age.
      And I want my son to become his best self, be outstanding, and a proper husband. And I don’t care about the age gap of his spouse as long as she’s not an infertile spinster.
      Back on point of my text. Did you notice I warned against manipulative partners regardless of age? Did you notice I stated that what is called “grooming” when there is an age gap is often encouraged when there is none, even if it harms one of the partners?
      Agecucks display a horrible doubles standard in which it is pretty much OK for a 16 year old man to sexually and emotionally abuse a 17 year old woman through coercion and manipulation but if a 32 year old man wants to spend an evening with her and hold her hand, he’s a criminal.

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