The double standard.

Recently I was reading an article in which a man from Spain expressed deep concern over how feminism was harming society and creating division and double standards between men and women.

One of the things he mentioned was that men were socially shunned if they courted younger women, but if younger women decided to approach older men with sexual intent in mind, the man became a “sugar daddy” and sort of a trophy husband.

Then he went on to point at the fact that women who pursued younger men were called “cougars” and depicted as empowered, even if the younger men in question were not pleased with the interaction. And even went further to point at the fact that men were convinced of searching “MILF” in porn while women would actively search “DILF”, and while women were protesting sexual violence, they turned 50 Shades of Grey into a best seller.

He made it sound more like a rant, but the concern and cognitive dissonance is real. In particular it is worth noting that women do look for older males when socially allowed. They objectively prefer older, stable partners. Why? Because they need stability, especially since many of them have none.

I am not against women seeking younger partners. Especially since some younger men could benefit from learning the ropes of love with an older woman so that they could eventually marry a younger one. But I do consider it is time to end the double standard and make men seeking younger women the norm again, unless we want to create cultures that can’t reach replacement level reproduction.

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