2 thoughts on “The Pedophile Libel

  1. Thomas K. says:

    You see, there is no getting away from being called a “pedo.” I myself am not all that sexually attracted to prepubescents (I’m more into 12-17 year olds), but when I say that men should not be imprisoned for having sex with horny young girls, people call me a pedophile regardless of the reality of my own preferences. So I’ve come to fully embrace the label.

    We will create a thriving and successful Male Sexualist movement. Our enemies can erase the entirety of Lolifox, but they cannot erase *us*. We shall win.

    • We must work hard to return to the world before feminism. Somehow people where I live have been supportive to me and many actually ask me to never call myself a pedophile because I am not one.
      I find it interesting since it seems it depends on how right or left leaning people is. Leftists tend to throw that label to much. A friend of mine has a teacher who called her boyfriend that because he is an adult (A few) and she is in high school. The guy is super leftist.
      On the other hand most right wingers I know never use it.

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