Alone again… Naturally.

Well. As it was bound to happen, most male sexualists and anti feminists on the sector I side with (That of defending natural male sexual preferences) have gone dormant or are fully dead right now.

What does that mean for mankind is yet to know. It seems the feminist narrative is stronger. But I got an advantage. I am small.

Being small is an advantage here. I remembered that when an ant got into my pants and bit me near the crotch. That reminded me the importance of being small when facing a big target.

As such I guess I will fight alone at least for a few days. And I will not stop fighting. I will make sure people know the truth. I will share whatever set of info I come by regarding pertinent topics, and spread the word of the centenary lie that is the whole age of consent reform.

Of course I am not entirely alone. Despite the controversial nature of my stance, people around me support me. They side with me. And that will give me an advantage. I won’t die inside like my predecessors, for there is nothing to kill anymore.

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