The futility of being faceless.

As many know. I partake in conversations on controversial topics, and I am somewhat vocal about my words. But I never hide behind anonymity in order to express myself.

I rarely even bother hiding my controversial activities, and generally speaking, everyone I know who I am fond of knows my views on the most controversial topics. Curiously enough, they accept me, and the fact that they see me as valuable makes them understand my views better than if they dealt with an anonymous figure.

I have managed to crimson pill, or make people speak up, in regards to the most controversial topics I speak of. On the other hand, speaking the same topics to a complete stranger, especially on an anonymous environment, often leads to the same end result. People have knee jerk reaction and make a fuss. Eventually it ends up in polarizing them even further and making false statements about one.

I know there is some risk in going naked in one’s controversial views, especially when dealing with people whose mind is narrow or twisted. After all I already faced quite a lot of harassment for my own views and how outspoken I am of them in public. However, I am not afraid of speaking up. Because if we stay shut, or faceless, the femihags and marxists out there will win.

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