Censorship is never right.

Censorship, a concept we all hear about. Nowadays the ones in charge of it are mostly feminists and leftists, in the past religious organizations had more influence on it.

And just like back then, nowadays censorship serves only a single purpose. Preventing people from knowing or discussing information.

An example of this would be the talk on “pedophilia”. Pedophilia, to anyone with a bit of independent though refers to being sexually attractive mostly to prepubescent people. Therefore anything but that is NOT pedophilia. And even then there is no harm in one’s sexual attraction.

Studies prove the following elements. Biological maturity and legal adulthood are separate elements. Age gap in relationships is not harmful. Early sexual experiences are only harmful if society says so and instills that fear in people. There is nothing harmful in relationships with age gaps between 10-20 years of difference, and in fact they are more desirable for long term relationships.

However the ones who control media consider the relationship between a 27 year old man and a 17 year old woman pedophilic and illegal. Or at least brand it as such to the general public.

The true purpose of this is merely control. It has always been such, just as in the “dark ages” when it was forbidden to study biology and anyone who practice scientific research in conflict with Vatican’s views was executed as heretic.

We live a new inquisition nowadays, a sexual one in which men are all heretics if they express their natural and healthy tastes for pubescent women under the age of 18, even if the legal age of consent in their country is under 16. And the elites, infected by ideologies such as feminism and Marxism, push for this inquisition, just as corrupt kings in the past supported the Vatican.

Anyone who exposes the truth is hunted and targeted. It is not about preventing lies from spreading, since lies are easily refuted by anyone with intellectual capabilities. It is all about preventing information to even entering any debate. Be it truth or lie, censorship prevents the flow of information to control the public opinion. And as such is unacceptable in any healthy society.

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