The futility of self made labels.

One thing the left is mocked for is that they claim to reject labels yet they will make new ones. They claim labels are outdated yet they go on calling themselves “demiamorouspancocksuckingfemoidasscrack”. This retarded behavior reminds us why labels are actually useless, especially when self imposed.

Labels exist for the sake of description, a form of nominal reference when lacking one. For example, labeling someone as a provocateur is a way to inform other people of what one thinks of the subject in question, but labeling oneself as provocateur is simply stupid, unless you prove it.

Labels have the sole purpose of describing, either in a positive or negative light. Ever since I took the red pill I slowly began to set aside any self imposed label as a means to making sure people knew me as the man I am and not as “that MRA” or “That GamerGater.”

I openly speak my support for some groups, but never call myself a label unless intending to use that to further my goals. With that in mind, while I avoid labels, I am often labeled by many.

I have been called MRA, even though I am against the current blueknight MRA movement. I have been called an incel, but honestly I never found myself in a situation where my lack of sexual activity was against my will, and those who label me such don’t even know me. I have been labeled a male sexualist, something I won’t protest, but the label is there only because I support them. I have of course been labeled an anti feminist, both as praise and insult, and just like male sexualist, it is a label I won’t reject. And obviously I have been called a pedophile despite my lack of interest in prepubescents.

I have been labeled many things by people who don’t know me or who welcome me into their label. The first I refuse to allow. No one will label me with ill intent without me protesting, and as such I will protest any slanderous label. The later I welcome. If you label me as one of your team, unless I blatantly oppose them, I will welcome the label.

As such I welcome the label of male sexualist, even if I am not one, of anti feminist, even if I don’t even know if I am one, of incel, only out of solidarity to actual incels, and lastly of pedophile, just to spite those who think a teenager is still a child. These labels are honestly not me, but I sure love wagging them in the face of wall hitters and femoids as a way to make them foam in ager. It works everytime.

In the end I won’t burden myself with labels. The only label I place on myself is “Individual”. That is the only label I need, the only label most people need. That is what differ us from those “progressives” who burden themselves with thousands of agglutinant labels. In the end we don’t burden ourselves with labels and as such are free to associate with others regardless of such.

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    Can I re-post some of your content on my Male Sexualism Archive blogs? With due credit, of course.

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