We need a little controversy.

Yesterday I was asked for an unpopular opinion in a politically incorrect closed group.

Of course what I said was “It’s OK wot marry girls in her teens even if you are a man in his mid 30s”. I expected a shitstorm. But it didn’t happen. What happened was terrifying and disgusting. It traumatized and triggered me into orbit!

I got support and intellectual discussion! That never happened to me before. Of course, there were no feminists in the group, the ones responding were mostly adult men, and it was not a politically correct place.

It still surprised me. It scared me. I was so used to knee jerk reactions I expected to be permabanned from the group. Instead I got what could be seen as the online equivalent of an old coffee shop conversation. The kind that is gone since clubbing became the trend.

But I am glad to see at least in certain parts of the world, men have a sense of reality which allows them to see things in a way that goes against the feminist narrative. There is hope in some parts of the West for a paradigm shift. But to achieve such we must take away the influence of pedocrites and puritans from politics.

Sadly I must tell you Anglos, all those living in countries like USA, Canada, UK, and their colonies, there is no hope for you. You are fucked. Feminism won in your land. They used California as your propaganda machine. You are as good as dead already. Even if your government call it “child sex tourism” your only hope of getting the ideal 16 year old wife at age 40 is to move away from those feminist bases you live in.

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