Awake and unafraid.

I get in arguments online quite often. Someone in a recent argument just went to say “Oh. Go mess with his personal life” during a lengthy argument.

Of course it was a soyboy who is in a relationship with an obese femoid who looks older than him. I can’t blame him to go full bonobo and just cry instead of refuting my arguments. But that is not the core of what I am planning to say.

What I am planning to say is. If you try to harass me, I will grow stronger. I got support in my community, despite everyone knowing I am into teenagers and older. Literally most people who know would prefer to leave their children near me than close anyone else. Why? Because I have displayed my true colors and they know I am pretty much a reliable man.

Not only yo can’t destroy my life by destroying my social ties because everyone I care about knows my stance already (And most at least find it understandable). You won’t be able to destroy my social media life, or my employment. Because there is little to nothing to destroy, and what little there is, it will gain attention and growth.

If you think I am your typical citizen who can be easily targeted by an angry mob and fall, you will be quite frustrated to hear, I already won. Too late for you to drag me down. I am too stable to break.

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