Lies are the poison that enters the ear.

I have noticed, through the years, that most if not all politicians lie to achieve their goals. While this tactic is popular and might seem useful for instant gratification, anyone with a long term goal should avoid such idiocy.

Lies never last. Any lie, no matter how much it is paraded as truth, eventually dies out as people observe that “truth” is in conflict with what they live and experience. A leader might ascend by spreading lies and making false promises, but it NEVER stays in power for long enough to see a result. The people will eventually bring such a leader down.

Therefore a key to success, be it in politics or interpersonal relationships, is speaking truthfully or at least speak with what one sees as truth, given the fact that it is impossible to know everything about everything.

Truth, even when risky, is convincing, and increases charisma. The less one lies, the more people will trust that person. Of course, we live in a period in which people fear speaking the truth, an age of lies, but by breaking the cycle we can move on to a better future.

Fearing to speak the truth is a lot worse than refusing to lie only to appease a bunch of idiots who won’t support you anyway.

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