My stance on divorce.

One of the core, and unanimous goals of male sexualism is getting rid of all feminist laws, and feminism altogether. Other than that, we are trying to reach an agreement on different topics. A manifesto of sorts.

As such I would like to contribute to my individual position on divorce. So that other male sexualists use it to the benefit of the end goal.

My stance on divorce is not as complex as it would seem due to the long wording I use, which I proudly call my flair and panache. To make it quick and simple. I oppose divorce.

The long part will be more detailed and is as follows. I oppose no fault divorce, and I oppose non factual divorce.

I oppose any divorce under arguments such as “He is not good enough.” Or “He is loud.”

I oppose any divorce initiated by a woman on emotional basis.

Only divorces I support are those based on actual harmful acts or cheating (In particular I support a man who was cheated on to decide the fate of the woman). I support a divorce from a man who murdered his own child. I support a divorce from a man who constantly beats his wife for fun. I support divorce based on evidence.

I oppose any other form of divorce. Him not being handsome enough is no excuse. Him not being funny at parties, or your mother hating him is no excuse.

And I oppose child support and alimony. If you divorced, it is over. You should never see each other again, or hear of each other. That is unhealthy in all senses.

Now. Why my focus on men? Because, especially nowadays, men rarely ask for a divorce on petty excuses. When a man seeks a divorce it is because his wife is crazy and stabbed him once. Not because her feet smell weird or because she is “Not as funny anymore.”

No fault divorce is a feminist thing, is a matriarchal thing, and is harmful to humanity.

Therefore I believe all divorce laws, just as consent laws, and rape laws, should be revoked and reformulated from a male sexualist, or at least anti feminist, position.

I do have my own ideas on how that would work, and it would be pretty much as it was before feminism. Similar to the laws of late 18th and early 19th century.

Laws should be made to prevent harm, not increase it. And modern feminist divorce laws only increase harms. Ergo, I oppose divorce.

2 thoughts on “My stance on divorce.

  1. Do you know why male sexualists have a heavy hand on divorce issues and marriage in general? Maybe I have a particular disconnect with marriage even though Western lovers regard it in such high esteem while I feel it may have been against basic foundation male sexualist principles?

    • I believe the reason many male sexualists oppose divorce and support marriage is because we dislike the idea of being cucked, and in general we dislike the idea of having no saying when it comes to sex with a woman.
      No fault divorce gives them more weight than they need, and marriage increases the production of children.
      But we are no hivemind, and as I say, my stance is mine and mine only. If others benefit from it then they are free to use it.

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