A rulte to stay a sane man.

I think any man, especially a male sexualist, should follow a simple rule to stay sane.


Simple as that. If you avoid those women, who by standards before feminism, and even according to women I have spoken to who were born before the 60s, are spinsters.

Yes. No offense to women older than 25, and I won’t blame them since feminism tries to narrow the space for marriage. It is a simple truth. Any woman is older than 25 and unable to land a decent relationship probably is not worthwhile. Why? Because the closer you are to the end of your fertility, they harder it will be to land a partner, men won’t like a postmenopausic woman unless they are closer to andropause.

I am not saying “Never marry a woman older than 25”. Actually if you are 37 or 47, it makes sense to date someone who is literally 10 or 20 years younger (You could do better though). And a wife is something worth keeping no matter how much you have aged together. But in a pragmatic sense, it is not worth having someone you won’t produce offspring with, unless you already gave up on having progeny of your own.

At this moment I bet some blue knights and femihags are foaming in their mouth yelling “Then what is the lower end?”

Well. The lower end, at least to me, is to never date under 10, and avoid prepubescents. Simple as that. Never older than 25, never younger than 10. That secures a wide room for love. Of course, if you are past your 30s, you might benefit from someone older than 25, but only because of the reasonable age gap.

Most of the time scientists have declared that a 5 year age gap is considerably healthier than same age relationships. And I agree. In fact I prefer an age gap between 10-20 years younger than myself in a pragmatic sense. That is, If I am likely to cease my fertility around the age of 60-70, I need someone at least 10 years younger than myself so that she won’t stop being fertile while I still have more than a decade of fertility ahead.

One of the current issues in society, which is leading to a dangerous population decrease in many first world countries, is that people engage in relationships with people their own age, and therefore have a lower fertility window.

Once you hit puberty, age is just a number, but society is held back because many still give a damn fuck about the number instead of the character of the one who carries that number.

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