Soy boy facts.

Soy has been present in the diet of several Eastern cultures. Then how come it was until late 2016 that people began to notice the emasculating effects of soy on Western men? Why many Eastern men are capable fo remaining masculine despite soy consumption?

The key lies in something people forget. It is not just soy. The amount of phytoestrogens found in soy is similar to that found in other oily seeds, such as almond and walnut. And that is exactly the issue. Soy boys are not soy boys because of soy, but because of their overall diet.

Most of these homunculi feed on mostly plant matter, avoiding any animal product as much as possible. It is not just soy that is ruining them, but the fact that their diet, while allegedly healthy, is unbalanced. A lot more unbalanced than that of the average barbecue fan.

They eat little to no meat, and avoid any dairy product, replacing them with plant matter, which has different levels of phytoestrogens. Most importantly, they eat things with high levels of such which are often overlooked by average people having a normal diet, like wheat grass.

Even apples have a high amount of phytoestrogens, but most people counter their effects by simply eating cheese and drinking milk, which contain a bit of testosterone. In the end a herbivore or mostly herbivore diet makes men… Well, not men.

A healthy man never goes vegan or vegetarian. Not to mention the hormonal imbalance makes them depressive.

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