I am always on the right track. Or so it seems.

Recent events remind me one thing. He who is silenced is never wrong. For censorship is the way in which lies are preserved.

But in the end only truth prevails. Listen INGSOC, you think you won. You think you can take them all down. But guess what. This is bigger than you. Because the truth is evident. You could shut one or two down, you may silence a man or two. But in the end every fallen is a martyr, and every survivor a flagbearer. And I GOT my own insurance plan in case this happened.

You won’t like what is coming next, and you won’t be able to stop it. If this is the last post in this blog, know one thing. The Black sun will rise, with its crimson gaze shining down upon the deceivers, burning them and guiding the truthful ones.

You made the biggest mistake in this war, just like you did before. You are losing the culture war. Also, let the Deros know their caves will crumble.

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