Almond activation.

Earlier this year I found myself in a Frankenstein monster situation. I confessed my affection to someone, and a bunch of idiots came to wherever they could find me with pitchforks and torches, digital ones in case you wonder, and dragged my reputation through the mud. While she expressed no disdain for me through the ordeal and actually opposed them, eventually they have built distance between us.

As time passes I feel things might be at its worst and my only hope is either revenge or self improvement. I have chosen the later as it could improve my situation and lead to the first. Despite this, some people have even offered me to assassinate the pricks who messed with me on my behalf. Apparently because they relate to my situation enough to want to harm my enemies.

Well. The thing is… During that time I spoke to many and actually push the envelope a bit. I spoke to a man who dates a woman who is 17 years younger than him. They are happy together and actually found it outrageous that someone cockblocked me. Both stated we live in a deeply diseased society.

I also managed to get some people to confess their own experiences by sharing mine. One of the men who offered an assassination contract (And who admitted he would be new at killing) told me he went through a similar experience in his past, with a girl whose age gap was larger than the one I revealed my affection to.

And there is also this man who told me of a girl he used to babysit when she was ten, and who is still his friend. He asked her out when she became 12-13 and she rejected him, but there were no angry mobs, only a confused girl who still talks to him (His girlfriend gets really jealous because of that).

So far any man I know face to face has admitted to, at least once, during their 20s or older, to have developed certain attraction to females with a 10-20 age gap. Even more relevant, one of the men I worked with in my past, and who is already old enough to be my own father, admitted, to my face, he preferred 15 year old women over women his age or even over 30 year old women.

All these men are really decent people. Employed, economically stable (With me being the least stable) legally clean, and actually abide the laws of my country where 12 year olds are legally able to consent. None of them is a criminal, none of them has been in trouble with anyone. They are all great men, and in fact some of them are popular with women.

With all these observations, which I have chosen to leave anonymous to not bring an angry mob on these fine men. I have found my almonds activated. And understood the following factors. First, men who don’t want a man to date a younger woman oppose because they want that woman for themselves. Second, women who don’t want a man to date a younger woman oppose because they want that man for themselves.

Therefore I have established a principle to guarantee dating rules that should replace the degenerate “Half your age plus seven” rule that leads Western idiocy (And comes from the 20th century where the cucking began). The rule is as follows. Never date past 25, never date under 10, and always seek partners with an age gap between 10-20 your junior if male. In females the rule should be never date your age or younger, and NEVER date past 55, and look for a partner with an age gap between 10-20 your senior for the best possible outcomes.

Of course, there will be exceptions. You might find a young Elon Musk who is worth your time despite being just 14 years old or, in case you really have no plans to be a father, an aged up (Damn can’t think of a praiseworthy female celebrity who still lives…) who is amazing, fun, and loving despite being 40 years old and unable to produce offspring.

Now. Of course just as there are rules and exceptions, they require a rationale. The rationale is as follows. Modern teenagers in the West are a disaster due to infantilization, as well as normal delayed development in the case of males. Basically male teenagers are manchildren (Something less common in the past) and modern adult women tend to be actual roasties once they go past 20. This is the emotional rationale. There is a biological one.

Men, on average, last fertile until the age of 60. Women until the age of 40. Therefore, it is advisable to any man to seek a woman who will last fertile for as long as he does if not more, that is unless he has no interest in forming a family. Considering this fertility window we see for a man to reach the end of his fertility period at the same time as his wife, it is better to have an age gap of 20 years, than marry someone your age.

From cold, pragmatic perspective, age gaps are healthier to all parties.

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