Vampyric Fun Fact

History Fun Fact!

Vlad the impaler’s reputation as a tyrant could be an exaggeration. In Romania he is held in high regard as a national hero, and most accounts of violence from him are based on claims made by his political opponents.

Most Romanian historians consider his acts of cruelty were necessary to preserve the safety of his nation and his people. And it is generally considered that his acts of cruelty were not much worse than those of other contemporary rulers during conflict.

The idea of him being a vampire is also at odds with his historic identity and his depiction in Romania. Romanian myths tell of him fighting strigoi (Local vampires) and other demonic and pagan forces, and Vlad Dracula was a devout christian, rejecting Islam during his time as Murad II’s prisoner. Contrary to his brother Radu who converted to Islam. In fact Vlad Dracula was at odds with the Pope because, to Dracula, the Pope did not provide enough help to prevent the Ottoman expansion in Wallachian territory.

Vlad the impaler was actually a devout christian who opposed the spread of Islam and the Ottoman empire in his nation and protected his people, not a sadistic tyrant.

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