Mein History Fun Fact

History Fun Fact!
According even to Nazi personel, Adolf Hitler consumed many outlandish drugs, some of which had detrimental effects on him. All of this under the advice of Dr. Theodor Morell, a rather unsavory man who even was described by Hitler’s personal circle as a man who exhuded a disgusting odor, and the man was also notable for being a quack scientist and treating Hitler with untested or even less than useful drugs and concoctions which included meth, fluids extracted from bull seminal vescicles and rat poison.
Not only that, Morell became one of Hiler’s most trusted man and even saved him from an assassination atempt. Basically Morell was one of Hitler’s mistakes during his rise to power. Hitler was so obsessed with trusting Morell that when he was accused of injecting Hitler with rat poison (strychnine) by Morell’s detractors, to surprise of all, Hitler supported him.

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