The Pre-Holiday Edition at Wal-Mart

You Got to be Kidding's Blog

He looks like the loneliest person to ever wear that shirt.

It’s never a good thing when your wedgie has a wedgie. Somebody go get the jaws of life.

Hahahaha! Hahahahaa! Hahahaha! It’s funny cause it’s gross.

He’s available for “Bachelorette Parties”.

Answer me this: How does a short jean jacket NOT go with pink Capri pants?

Who wears them better?

Fashion Diva.

Well, it’s a good thing you put that hoodie on, because without it you might have been a tad under dressed.

Apparently some people have decided they need a little extra help to get through their Wal-Mart shopping experience.

I think this guy REALLY likes wedgies.

Do these pumps make my legs look gorgeous?

Yeah sure, let’s go ahead and show off the fact that you stole Mrs. Clause’s negligee.

Receiving one picture of skunk hair color is enough to make you go “Really?” But getting two…

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