Let’s talk about consent. Sorry, I can’t, I’m a man!

John Salmon's World

It’s been a month to the day since I last talked about coercion. Before that I don’t think I’d written a single blog on the topic. I don’t know why, I think in all the discussions and debates about rape it had never seemed that relevant. Of course, it’s possibly one of the most relevant conversations you can have when it comes to rape, especially as ‘consent’ is the very concept that we must be aware of before being able to differentiate between rape and sex.

But the problem is that, much like the definition of rape has become diluted and almost meaningless, the concept of consent, the definition and application has become muddled, dirtied, lacking in clarity.

It’s a very easy concept in theory – if someone says ‘yes’ when you ask them if they want to have sex then they have consented. Exceptionally easy, yes? The problem lies…

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